Frequently Asked Questions


This is our Frequently Asked Questions page. If you cant' find the answer here, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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Can domains & websites be transferred from another hosting site?

We are able to transfer domain names from other servers/host if you have paid for them in more than 60 days prior to our attempt to transfer. Purchases in 60 days are less can be transferred at the 60 day mark. 

Websites are built under our hosting site: Squarespace. We will not "transfer in" your physical website from another host. We will not "transfer out" a website that we've built for you to any other hosting site other than Squarespace. You will be able to gain full administration access to your completed site during completion of our design and launch process. 

How long does it take for logo proofs?

48-72 Business hours (weekends & holidays excluded).

Can Logos be changed after the final versions and copyright are released?

Yes there is a minimum of a $15 fee or more.

Whats considered a package?

Three or more products or services are considered a package. These items will qualify for our payment plan program.

How do payment installments work?

Websites and packages that are billed via invoice qualifies for payment installments. There will be a credit card authorization form to fill out for automatic payments.

Do we get a refund for designs we dont like?

No 2WMF will not issue you a refund. We give you the option to choose to apply your funds to a different product and/or service, or receive a 2WMF credit.